“Knowing that I had arthritis in my knees, I began to feel unusual pain in them. In October 2006, I went to my doctor because of the pain. The doctor told me that the cartilage in my knees had deteriorated and that I was experiencing bone-to-bone contact, therefore pain resulted.

I heard about the muscadine wine that Tilford Winery specializes in and the human health and wellbeing that come from it. In November 2006, I started including a glass of the wine each evening with my dinner. Today, I’m proud to say that I don’t feel any unusual pain in my knees and I know that Tilford Winery’s muscadine wine had a major part in it all.”

- William D. Yazoo City, MS

“I went to the doctor because of the arthritis in my knees, he gave me a prescription of Celebrex (200mg.). On my follow-up visit the doctor said my arthritis was much better and asked if I had been taking my medication everyday. I told him that I had not taken it all; I was introduced to a muscadine wine from Tilford Winery. I told him that I take a glass each morning, he told me to continue doing what I was doing. Now the doctor is buying the wine for himself.”

- Jonathan F. Mansfield, OH

“The first time I came to a wine taster hosted by Tilford Winery, I was on a walking cane. The doctor said I might have to have knee surgery. He sent me to a specialist to check out my knee. I started drinking a little muscadine wine every night before going to bed. Not only do I not need the surgery, but I am off the walking cane.”

- Lula S. Vicksburg, MS