Welcome to our WINES!

Dear Wine Lovers and Friends

Whether you are a novice or an expert… Welcome to Tilford Winery, the only Muscadine Winery within the Southeastern Region of North America to make DRY, SWEET & SEMI-SWEET Organic wines.

We have been Growing Organic Muscadine Grapes since 1994, Producing Nutritious Muscadine Wine and Fruit Juice since 2001.

Our winery presently produces more than five styles of red, white and pink light bodied, medium bodied, full bodied-sweet & dry wines. Choosing the proper wine for each occasion is essential to wine lovers.

Whether its selecting our ruby colored Noble wine that goes great with beef dishes and moderately strong cheeses or selecting our bronze colored Carlos wine that goes great with a delightful Grilled Salmon dish; you will have a rich experience. We thank you for taking the time to inquire about a distinctly different Winery like ours.

Tours of the Winery & Vineyards are given by appointments only. All wine is produced and bottled by Tilford Winery & Farms.

We invite you to enjoy your visit each time you come to our site.