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Enjoying a glass of wine with a meal can be one of life’s simple and even healthy pleases.

When including a glass of wine with your meal, a special pairing, the flavors of food and wine are enhanced while the absorption of the alcohol is slowed, allowing the liver to be less stressed by the alcohol content.


Group tours are provided upon request. Please notify us one month prior to the date you would like to visit. Tilford Winery & Farms welcome your interest in our wonderful outdoor passion. We will happily accommodate your class, family or group. Fresh air, sunlight and an opportunity for walking or strolling through our neatly manicured vineyards and winery… awaits you. Not only will you experience the art of bird watching or notice flitting butterflies, you will be able to TASTE the fruit and discover additional healthy uses for what is found in the very center of each hearty piece. You will learn about the entire process from the time the seeds were planted until he fruit is picked from the vine to eat, or beverage arrives in a glass at your setting.


Muscadine grapes are in the food groups that supplies carbohydrates, minerals and small amounts of most vitamins.

Dr. Ray Howard and Bill Ewing, in WHAT YOUR DOCTOR DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT NUTRITION – inform some and refresh the memory of others, that nutrients and supplements are a must. In  a recent interview on a major network they stated that filtered GRAPE SEED extract is one nutrient source that inhibits inflammation of joints.

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